river song in the big bang



river song left so i made her a page rivers episodes

1: silence in the libery/forest of the dead series 4 episode 8/9

2: time of angles/flesh and stone series 5 episode 4/5

3:pandorica opens/the big bang series 5 episode 12/13

4:the impossbel astronort/day of the moon series 6 episode 1/2

5:good man goes to war series 6 episode 7

6:lets kill hitler series 6 episode 8 

7:the wedding of river song series 6 episode 13

8:angles take manhatten series 7 episode 5

9:the name of the doctor series 7 episode 14

the actressEdit

river had 3 regenrations

1 as a little girl played by maya glace-green

2 as mel played by nina toussaint-white

3 as river played by alex kingston

how river leftEdit

she was saved the doctor and killed herself sadly she only met him once more in name of the doctor

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