look down for lots of capaldi news

peter's c doctor what can we expectEdit

well the new doctor is 55 so it will be diffrent from the past 3 as he is older . also matt and david were bubbly and fun mabye peter will be more serious so mabye its a nice change from the past 2 .  

new tardis new compainon ?Edit

we havent seen anything about a new comapion but mabye there will be as clara has now reviled her secret . but she has not yet been in a hole series like others

rose: 27 episodes as the compaion

martha: 13 episodes as the compainon

donna: 14 episodes as the compainon

amy: 31 episodes as the compainon

clara: 9 episodes as the compainon

so clara probely will stay . but what about the tardis as it changed only a while back in chrismas it probley will stay the same for a while .

capaldi when not on dr whoEdit

peter is best khown when on the thick of it playing malcolm tucker . he has won BAFTA award , two british comedy awards and a chlotrudis award .

a bunch of facts about peter

he was born in scotland glascow 


he is the second doctor called peter

he was in a punk rock band called dream boys he wrote a letter to the bbc about doctor who

he used to play doctor who in the playground

he was in the fires of pompai seris 4 episode 2 which also had karen gillen in .

well thats all see you soon for more facts and spoilers


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